Sonic Core

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  • FAQ: Allgemeines   ( 4 Beiträge )

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    Sonic Core GmbH
    Registrierung und Aktivierungsschlüssel

  • FAQ Developer   ( 11 Beiträge )

    Here you will find articles referring to the follwing topics:
    What d es SonicCore provide me with?
    Do I need a new key?
    Could a device for SCOPE6 also be used in SCOPE 5.1 or older?
    Which advantages do I have using SCOPE 6 SDK in comparison to older versions?
    Is there a DSP Module List?
    Can I implement my own DSP algorithms?
    Will the DSP library be extended?
    How can I integrate a controller?
    How can I build my surface with SCOPE 6 SDK?
    Are there script modules in SCOPE 6 SDK?
    How can existent plug-ins in SCOPE 6 be used?
    Will there be a SCOPE 6 user release? If yes, can I take part in development?
    Could the keys for my old plug-ins be transferred on XITE?

  • FAQ: SCOPE DSP Audio Platform   ( 17 Beiträge )

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    Software SCOPE v5.1
    Software SCOPE v5.0
    SCOPE DSP Plug-Ins
    SCOPE XITE-1, PCIe Board, ExpressCard
    Sonic Core 3 DSP SCOPE PCI board
    Sonic Core 6 DSP SCOPE PCI board
    Sonic Core 14 DSP SCOPE PCI board
    Creamware DSP Boards

  • FAQ: Pro Audio   ( 2 Beiträge )

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    A16 Audio-Konverter
    trackCaster Multitrack Audioeditor
    ClipCaster Audioeditor
    EventDriver AV Playback-Systeme für Theater, Rundfunk und Event
    Creamware tripleDAT
    Creamware CUTmaster, EasyCut, Cutbase, CLAN

  • FAQ: ASB Synthesizer   ( 3 Beiträge )

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    ASB Synthesizer (Authentic Sound Boxes)
    Sonic Core / Creamware MINIMAX ASB
    Sonic Core / Creamware Prodyssey ASB
    Sonic Core / Creamware Pro 12 ASB
    Sonic Core / Creamware B4000 ASB


A l f o n s o   D' A m o r a

Composer & Sound Designer: "SCOPE Modular, since 1999 in its first outcome, is what changed completely my approach to sound. Before that 'encounter' I was a guitar player with a passive fruition of synthetic sounds from synths I've owned. SCOPE and its Modular Synthesizer opened the path to the pursuit of my own sounds. Today its modules plus the 3rd party ones made for it are probably the most impressive and good sounding arsenal in the hands of any sound creative mind. Nothing compares!"