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R E P A I R S  /  R M A

Dear customer,

Thank you for using our products. We are sorry for any trouble and will help as soon as possible. 

All in house transactions related to your defective device are referenced by a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. 

In case you did not got a RMA number from us yet, please complete the attached RMA form and send it to: 

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or by Fax to +49-2241-866 0486

After receiving your RMA number, please send your device and the RMA form to this address: 

DSP Audio Technology
Kasinostr. 24
53840 Troisdorf

Please write the RMA number on the package, so we know where the shippment refers to. 

We will contact you when receiving your device.

Best regards
Your Sonic Core Support-Team

RMA Form:    alt PDF

Please note:
Support for discontinued products from the former Creamware Datentechnik GmbH
or the former Creamware Audio GmbH can not be guaranteed by us in every case and is at the owner's expense
Please update your SCOPE DSP hardware using our current software package SCOPE v5.1,
thus enabling us to give you effective, optimal and free support.

Please follow the instructions in the section discontinued products.



W i l l i a m
G o l d s t e i n

Producer, Musician, Director of California State Summer School of the Arts: "I love the unlimited routing capabilities of the SCOPE Software, whether live recording or mixing out of my computer to outboard analog gear and back into the computer. Whatever you can imagine you can patch through the SCOPE Mixer and routing modules… Working 64 bit SCOPE is awesome!”