Sonic Core

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D I S C O N T I N U E D  P R O D U C T S 

Please regard the following information if you use one of the products listed below:

  • The products in this list have been replaced by our more recent products and are not produced or distributed by the Sonic Core GmbH anymore.

  • Support for discontinued products from the former Creamware Datentechnik GmbH
    or the former Creamware Audio GmbH can not be guaranteed by us in every case and is at the owner's expense
    . Please update your SCOPE DSP hardware using our current software package SCOPE v5.1, thus enabling us to give you effective, optimal and free support.

  • We give no support for the products listed below and operating systems older than Windows XP (release date 2001).

  • The maintenance / repair of equipment of the former Creamware Datentechnik GmbH or Creamware Audio GmbH by the Sonic Core GmbH is only possible with limitations. Please contact our customer service before sending us any hardware.

We ask for your understanding and assure you that we will try to find a solution for you,
even with the given restrictions.

Discontinued Products

Sonic Core 6 DSP SCOPE PCI board
Sonic Core 14 DSP SCOPE PCI board
Creamware SCOPE / Professional
Creamware SCOPE / Project
Creamware SCOPE / Home
Creamware Pulsar I
Creamware Pulsar II
Creamware SCOPE FX
Creamware Guitar Pack
Creamware Luna
Creamware PowerSampler
Creamware Elektra
Creamware Consumer Plate
Creamware Profi / Plus Plate
Creamware 3 x ADAT C-Plate
Creamware Sync Plate

Creamware SCOPE v4.0 – v4.5
Creamware SFP v3.0 - v3.1
Creamware Measurement Tools

ASB SYNTHESIZER (Authentic Sound Boxes)
Sonic Core / Creamware MINIMAX ASB
Sonic Core / Creamware Prodyssey ASB
Sonic Core / Creamware Pro 12 ASB
Sonic Core / Creamware B4000 ASB


Creamware EasyCUT
Creamware CUTmaster
Creamware CUTbase
Creamware MasterCard
Creamware CLAN Suite


Creamware tripleDAT
Creamware Luna Box 8 channel AD/DA converter
Creamware NOAH


W i l l i a m
G o l d s t e i n

„I love the unlimited routing capabilities of the SCOPE Software, whether live recording or mixing ..." read more