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Thomas Chen

Producer and Developer


Thomas Chen

In my former life (before I retired) I was a general surgeon and practiced medicine as well as running my recording studio.  I now am the owner and manager and occasional engineer at my studio.  We record all forms of music.  I also have developed some of my own techniques and inventions for recording and reproduction of music.

I have developed B+ format, a method to record and reproduce sound fields. B+ is an extension to Ambisonics.

Ambisonics is a series of recording and replay techniques using multichannel mixing technology that can be used live or in the studio. By encoding and decoding sound information on a number of channels, a 2-dimensional ("planar", or horizontal-only) or 3-dimensional ("periphonic", or full-sphere) sound field can be presented.

B+ adds to Ambisonics a stereo front recording closer to the performers.  It serves to present greater detail and keep the performers in front.

At the present time I am working to develop convolution reverberation to add to stereo recording that include mono to stereo conversion.  In addition I use time as well as loudness to create localization.  I have also broken up reverberation into early and late room which can be added separately.


Working in B+

Beyond 51

B+ A Better Surround




W i l l i a m
G o l d s t e i n

Producer, Musician, Director of California State Summer School of the Arts: "I love the unlimited routing capabilities of the SCOPE Software, whether live recording or mixing out of my computer to outboard analog gear and back into the computer. Whatever you can imagine you can patch through the SCOPE Mixer and routing modules… Working 64 bit SCOPE is awesome!”