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Thomas Chen

Producer and Developer


Thomas Chen

In my former life (before I retired) I was a general surgeon and practiced medicine as well as running my recording studio.  I now am the owner and manager and occasional engineer at my studio.  We record all forms of music.  I also have developed some of my own techniques and inventions for recording and reproduction of music.

I have developed B+ format, a method to record and reproduce sound fields. B+ is an extension to Ambisonics.

Ambisonics is a series of recording and replay techniques using multichannel mixing technology that can be used live or in the studio. By encoding and decoding sound information on a number of channels, a 2-dimensional ("planar", or horizontal-only) or 3-dimensional ("periphonic", or full-sphere) sound field can be presented.

B+ adds to Ambisonics a stereo front recording closer to the performers.  It serves to present greater detail and keep the performers in front.

At the present time I am working to develop convolution reverberation to add to stereo recording that include mono to stereo conversion.  In addition I use time as well as loudness to create localization.  I have also broken up reverberation into early and late room which can be added separately.


Working in B+

Beyond 51

B+ A Better Surround




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