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Luigi Agostini

Composer, author and musician, hardware and software developer, creations workflow administrator and project manager  

Luigi Agostini

Luigi Agostini works as composer, author and musician, hardware and software developer, creations workflow administrator and project manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in 3D audio and spatialization design using multi-channel setup of speakers. Always interested in collaborations, as well as close interaction with professional audio hardware & software manufacturers. Reasearch, development and distribution of pro audio gear. 3D-EST discs in DTS HD Master Audio production and distribution.


Company Philosophical Values, Art and Aestetich approach to products creation and manufacturing. Contents creations.

Quote Luigi Agostini:

"Since 1997, my main interest is soundscape recording and composition.

Both are naturally 3D, so I was in need of the digital tools necessary to recreate a 3d Acoustic Environment mixing samples and recordings, but at that time there wasn't commercial products like I was searching for... so I decided to build them. After the first prototypes, the X-Spatialization card for Apogee Rosetta800 and the X-spat boX series, with a new company i was finally able to choose the platform to work with.

The Xite was perfect for my needs, high audio quality, 16 ADAT channels, two versions...

All my products are basically multi-channel effects completely controllable via MIDI and OSC, so the virtual reality market is the most interested, even if sometimes the system has been used also in live electronics and installations. The most used installation is the resident 24 speakers in the Auditorium Chiti of Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali Pietro Mascagni, in Livorno, where an annual festival focused on contemporary music and spatialization called "Suoni Inauditi" is completely based on the compositions made for that system."




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