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Glyn M. Owen


Glyn M. Owen

A former student of the Royal College of Music in London, Glyn composes for a wide range of clients including Audi, BBC, BMW, Braun, Discovery, Disney, Ferrari, Gillette, ITV, Mercedes, Nivea, Olympus, Opel, Pampers, Reebok, SKY and The Economist. 

His music also features in TV shows such as Child of our Time, Come Dine with Me, Dancing with the Stars, Oprah, Relocation Relocation Relocation, The Rob Bryden Show, Songs of Praise, The One Show & UEFA Champions League.

Glyn has won Cannes Lions Gold, Cannes Silver Cyber Lion, CLIO, D&AD, EPICA, Gouden Lamp, LIAA and Young Guns advertising awards for his work on commercials for Olympus and Volvo.

"Scope has been at the heart of my studio since 2005 as I wanted a DSP card to take the strain. Until recently I used the original SCOPE 6 dsp cards but I've recently moved to the XITE-1D and the extra power is amazing!

I send my mixes to my dedicated Scope PC via dual ADAT and love the sound of the Decimator, Master Verb Pro, PSY-Q and Optimaster in particular plus the systems routing capabilities are endless. Clients actually comment on the sound of the mixes and I'm convinced the Scope system gives my tracks a unique sound"



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H a n s   Z i m m e r

Hans Zimmer zählt zu den erfolgreichsten und einflussreichsten Filmkomponisten Hollywoods: "SCOPE XITE-1 is a truly great sounding system. The sonic quality is first rate, the versatility is unmatched to this day. The modular synth, in conjunction with the mixers and fx, beats most of the hardware out there."