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Mika Hasanen

Digital Artist/Generalist  

Mika Hasanen
Home country:
Musician, composer, sound engineer, sound designer,
Film / Video:
Director, editor, 3D Graphics, Special FX,                       Post-production supervisor

After a few years have gone more or less TV commercials and feature films remachining Mika made Music, Radio, TV, artists and of course,  his favorite child Zigma. Now again after a long break, he attends to make a little music. Motivation for his creative work is his passion for electronic music.

"I fell in love early in the 80 century synthesizers and departing from the noise and other strange sounds. So, over the years accumulated varying number of different synthesizers. The problem with the old devices that do not last forever, and tend to end up in synthesizers burial ground. Fortunately, however, such as Creamware / Sonic Core has helped your favorite old synths such as: Pro One, Prophet5, Oddyssey, Minimoog re-awakening to life. Personally I like the Sonic Core versions of the virtual the most successful clones of what the market c
an offer."
Mika Hasanen, Digital Artist

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Jeroen J. Vermeulen
J e r o e n   V e r m e u l e n

Jeroren J. Vermeulen ist Komponist und Produzent: "Music is one of the great wonders. Everybody loves it and it’s connecting people all over the world. My music covers different styles and fusions of it. I love using XITE-1 It is a brilliant system with lots of possibilities and a good sound. It connects everything in my studio world."