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2001 ZoOTV itself was only a guest at various clubs such as the Barbarossa Keller in Sinzig, the Suppkultur in Koblenz and the Palazzo in Bingen.

In 2004 inspired by DJs like DJ Rush, Chris Liebing, Gayle Sun, Marco Remus and Eric Sneo he tried to learn the art of spinning records. The first club DJ experience was in 2006, as well as private celebrations. At these parties he met DJs who produced their own music in their own studio. There he had his first steps in music production. Since purchasing his first machine drum in 2007, his own studio increased steadily with analog and digital instruments like the Nord Modular and the Arturia Minimoog VST.

ZoOTv also used the Sonic Core XITE-1 and the A16 Ultra AD/DA Converter. After 5 years of hiding in the basement studio he was in touch with CTS recordings, which released his first track in May 2012. Also a highlight in 2012 was winning the DJ contest of the Elektroküche Cologne assure him a playtime at Nature One. As a DJ he masters the turntables as well as the digital play with time code.



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Composer & Sound Designer: "SCOPE Modular, since 1999 in its first outcome, is what changed completely my approach to sound. Before that 'encounter' I was a guitar player with a passive fruition ..." read more