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John S. Murphy

CDM Guitar
John S. Murphy

A native of Los Angeles, California, John was exposed to blues and R&B at an early age. His father worked with Larry Carlton’s Dad. Hearing Larry’s music and band at the Roxy, and Baked Potato in 1979 at the age of 14, altered his music direction for the best. Moving into jazz and fusion in his teens, after sneaking a listen to a tape in one of his guitar teachers (Mark Norton - “St. John” of the band KISS) cassette tape machines - Allan Holdsworth became a major source of inspiration.

After talking about harmonic concepts at a Catalina Grill gig, Pat Martino invited John to study for a jont in Philly. John soon sought out Robert Conti as a private teacher, and attended Fullerton College Jazz Improve ensemble, and Jazz guitar ensemble class to try to get up to speed for the opportunity.

He started teaching full time in 2001 - committing to providing an inspirational environment for learning and creating music. from 2001 - 2004 he promoted coffee house gigs at Borders for his students. Then in 2005 he built shows and was the first in his area to bring young students mixed with world class professional musicians to The Coach House, then again at the House of Blues in 2007. Mentor at Newport harbor High School, Created “Getting to the Music” after school music programs for Newport Mesa Unified School District and UCI gifted student program.

He was a judge of Guitar Center’s national contests in 2004, 2005, 2006. John offers a musical mix of funk, jazz, blues, and rock with unique personal style. He has performed at The House of Blues, The Coach House, Strawberry Music Fest Yosemite, San Louis Obisbo blues fest, Laguna Beach Sawdust fest, venues in Catalina, Arizona, Washington DC, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, The NAMM SHOW

Shared the stage, performed /or recorded with:
James harmon, Jonatha Brooke, Dave Grissom, The Motels, John Waite, Rita Wilson, The Marshall Tucker Band, Howard Jones, John Mayall, The Rick Tatum Allstars - Melvin Lee Davis, Evan Stone,Tom Zinc, Chris Coleman, Chariya  Bissonette Matt Bissonette, Carlos Skinfill, Mike Dyson, Gregg Vail, Lalo Carrillo, Dave Demeter, Baba Elefonte, Ron Koboyashi, Jesse Hughes, Connie Rae Knapp, Rick Elliott, Johnny Ray Bartel, Darrell Mansfield, Yvonne Perea, Martin Gerschwitz, Jorgen Alofs, Jeff Casey, Bruce Becker, Jannel Rap, Kelly Fitzgerald, Kacee Clanton, John Thomas, Jeff Casey, Rico Brown Ricardo "Tiki" Pasillas, Leo Nobre, Shawn Lopez,.Larry Green, Phil Kristianson, Marc Seal, Wendy Smith ,,Remix-soul revue,Taboo,Ron Emory of TSOL, The Rodger Matzkie Praise and Worship band, Acousticali,The Lost Grooves ,The Majic Bullet Theory, Zoli Teglas of Ignite-Misfits-Pennywise,The Muddy Harbor Band -,Thad Bushell's The Summer Help Band,Goose and the Bad Boys Blues Band,Dave Widow and The Line Up,The Julie Ladika Band

An active teacher, studio musician as well as live performer, he has also written songs for commercials and video.

John is the Artist Director and Business Development Consultant for Sonic Core Germany - John is sharing his vision to put tools in artists grasp, that will help create new ways for music to be created, heard, and distributed.

Using Sonic Core Xite-1 and Scope recording and mixing software, John is working on composing and recording his first solo release “ELEMENTS in TIME” with Matt Bissonette, Lalo Carillo, Evan Stone, Gregg Vail, and others. Gary Bogdanoff has been a crucial source of knowledge and resource for John - and combined with Sonic Core and Scope - countless solutions of valid creating possibilities are now possible.

John uses a variety of guitars and amps. His main gear is a Jim Peat strat electric, Carvin acoustic electric, Dobro Bros. and Tacoma acoustics. Amplifiers of choice are vintage blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb, Guytrone, Demeter amps, Hughes and Kettner, Bogner Shiva ……. and lots of pedals!


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Producer, Musician, Director of California State Summer School of the Arts: "I love the unlimited routing capabilities of the SCOPE Software, whether live recording or mixing out of my computer to outboard analog gear and back into the computer. Whatever you can imagine you can patch through the SCOPE Mixer and routing modules… Working 64 bit SCOPE is awesome!”