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What is the MODULAR IV?

The Modular IV is a modular synthesizer system for the SCOPE DSP Audio Platform. 

Build your own synthesizer out of myriad modules and connection possibilities or use some of the provided patches (pre build synthesizers) and their wicked sounds.

Modular IV replaces Modular II and Modular III. With it's 97 impressive new modules (for example 7 CZ oscillators in the style of the well known CZ synthesizer series) Modular IV increases the number of modules to around 300.

Versatile modulation possibilities up to full audio rate as well as the possibility to add feedback loops on any place in the patch (useful for physical modelling, audio feedback or even custom made filters) are just a tiny glimpse of the possibilities this monster synth provides you with.


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System requirements

- SCOPE Software v5.0.2617 (or newer)

- SCOPE DSP Hardware



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