Sonic Core

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S C O P E   D S P   P l u g - I n s


Situated in Vienna, rooted in music, visual arts and technique, G.O.S.T. wants to broaden options for artists. An innovative Team is developing inspiring new plug ins.


Realtime Frequency Analyzer
Finally: the first Analyzer for the SCOPE platform!
Analyze your signal or design your sound in an accurate and easy to use way.
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for Real Time Composing

Step Sequencer/Arpgeggiator

Extend all of your SCOPE synths by even more powerful and living sound!
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Harmonic Effects Bundle

Harmonic Effects Bundle

Harmonic Processor and Waveform-Cutter DSP Plug-Ins
Dynomic is an harmonic effect system, which dynamicaly controls filters with the calculated harmonics of the incoming audio signal. SAW is a realtime waveform cutter and has in addition a special noise section.
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Jeroen J. Vermeulen
J e r o e n   V e r m e u l e n

Jeroren J. Vermeulen is indepentent music composer and producer: "Music is one of the great wonders. Everybody loves it and it’s connecting people all over the world. My music covers different styles and fusions of it. I love using XITE-1 It is a brilliant system with lots of possibilities and a good sound. It connects everything in my studio world."