Sonic Core

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Imagine you can create your own product

Many visionaries experience a dramatic setback when they first  realize the workload behind a
perfectly finished  hard- or software  product. This can be so dramatic that a revolutionary idea just fades away, because the hurdle appears too high to cross. Particularly in the world of digital audio, where we have to deal with top-notch computer technology, it is very hard to imagine that there is an easy way to go from a brilliant idea to a brilliant product. Not so any more with Sonic Core Technology.


With Sonic Core Technology  you  have powerful  DSP  hardware and an operating system at  hand, that give you total control. Simply create an application that communicates with the core. The core again translates your ideas into DSP action. At the same time you can run your DSP based application from any system that you may want to: as a standalone unit, under Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Control it from your iOS or Android mobile device. And whatever the future may bring, you will only need to create your application once – it is definitely “future proof”.

SC The System
// SONIC CORE TECHNOLOGY - from the idea to the product

Looking at past decades, computer technology has overhauled itself several times. Just like in genetic evolution, this is possible because successful patterns are being reused, thus speeding up a development dramatically. Sonic Core Technology uses exactly this basic principle. If you have a vision of your product, Sonic Core Technology is the key to bring it to reality.With the
Sonic Core Software Development Kit (SDK) you have an easy to use environment at hand, based on a huge library of outstanding  DSP  modules and algorithms. You can  literally drag & drop the structures of your visionary instrument and find them set up in hardware almost instantly. By using higher level developer skills you will be able to create even more specified applications. But no matter which is your way, Sonic Core does support any approach, and simply closes the gap between an idea and required skills.

// SONIC CORE TECHNOLOGY in a nutshell:
  • develop any kind of application that requires strong DSP hardware
  • use any C++ library to create an application using SCOPE hardware
  • the software is easily adaptable to MAC OS / iPad / Linux / etc…
  • implement the SCOPE DSP hardware in your system, whatever it is planned to be:  a guitar effect rack, a synthesizer, a digital mixer, an IO interface or (as we did) an XITE.
.. and be part of an awesome community around the globe!



H a n s   Z i m m e r

Hans Zimmer zählt zu den erfolgreichsten und einflussreichsten Filmkomponisten Hollywoods: "SCOPE XITE-1 is a truly great sounding system. The sonic quality is first rate, the versatility is unmatched to this day. The modular synth, in conjunction with the mixers and fx, beats most of the hardware out there."