Sonic Core

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DSP Effects
No matter whether you feel like giving some extra flavor to your acoustic instruments, beef up your “inside the box” productions or want to mix & master in professional quality, here you will find the effects you can rely on! 

Thanks to up to 18 DSPs in our XITE-1 you can keep adding effects to your setup until your fingers hurt: guitar & bass amps, a filterbank, all kind of modulation effects (delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, auto wah, etc.), various reverbs, filters, distortion & dynamic effects, vintage & linear phase equalizers, valve simulations, denoiser….

Many of them are included in our software bundle SCOPE 5.1 (included to XITE-1 and XITE-1D). Further you have the chance to get extra plugins from Sonic Core or 3rd party developers in our online shop.  

effects schema

//Still unhappy? Then go and build your own effect!

Developer Center
Using Sonic Core´s Software Development Kit (SDK) you can build your own plug-ins for the SCOPE studio environment and become a 3rd party developer. If you feel like going even further you have the chance to develop a completely new DSP powered standalone solution (e.g. an IO interface), thanks to our innovative OPEN SCOPE concept. Check out our developers section for more information.



Tom Keane

T o m   K e a n e

Songwriter, Producer, President of Del-Fi Music Group: "I use SCOPE to run all the incredible synths that are available for the platform for many years now..." read more