Sonic Core

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Whatever you want to record in your studio or at a live performance that needs to be in professional quality and latency free, SCOPE XITE is your choice. It combines the features of a high-end IO interface with the muscles of up to 18 DSPs plus a whole bunch of plug-ins for all kind of mix & mastering purposes.

Get started and it won´t take you long to be convinced by the first class sound and the comfortable work flow.

Some quick facts:

  • direct monitoring
  • up to 96kHz, 32bit
  • up to 38 IOs
  • 10 (XITE-1D) or 18 Sharc DSPs (XITE-1)
  • extremely flexible routing possibilities of audio signals
  • mobile through Express Card connection to your laptop
  • 7 different mixers & more than 60 effects
  • DAW and VST integration via ASIO

Recording Mix & Mastering

//Still unhappy? Then go and build your own solution!

Developer Center
Using Sonic Core´s Software Development Kit (SDK) you can build your own plug-ins for the SCOPE studio environment and become a 3rd party developer. If you feel like going even further you have the chance to develop a completely new DSP powered standalone solution (e.g. an IO interface), thanks to our innovative OPEN SCOPE concept. Check out our developers section for more information.



Jeroen J. Vermeulen
J e r o e n   V e r m e u l e n

Jeroren J. Vermeulen is indepentent music composer and producer: "Music is one of the great wonders. Everybody loves it and it’s connecting people all over the world. My music covers different styles and fusions of it. I love using XITE-1 It is a brilliant system with lots of possibilities and a good sound. It connects everything in my studio world."