Sonic Core

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S C O P E   D S P   P l u g - I n s

Mit viel Liebe zum Detail entwickelt Adern einen Sound, der Maßstäbe setzt.

Flexor3Flexor v3
Modulerweiterung für SONIC CORE Modular IV

The groundbreaking add-on pack of modules that takes your SONIC CORE Modular system to the next level! Rich and complex oscillators, waveshapers and filters, a mind-expanding range of granular processors, sequencers, modulators and effects unleashes extraordinary new sound design potential.
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Variable Wave Synthesizer

Xor is a Variable Wave synthesizer. Xor's combination of varying waveform oscillators, rich sounding multi-mode filter, diverse pattern LFOs and intuitive modulation routing allows the creation of new and exciting soundscapes revealing the darker, and electric side of Scope - like never before. 
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Ultra Dynamic Guitar Amp

Mojo has been designed to achieve the most expressive tone in current emulations, have a smooth, elegant, very light crunch and be extremely dynamic and touch responsive. Mojo's character is unique, ranging from blazing hot lead guitars, through scooped and crunchy blues sounds, to sensitive and dynamic clean tones. Trust your Mojo!
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Phil (in Arbeit)

The dual-mode construction and the freely configurable signal routing chain make it easy to implement a wide variety of filtering effect combinations such as rich-sounding formants, vowels, resonators, multi-band sweeps, phasing, flanging, detuning, harmonics manipulations and other frequency domain explorations. Comprehensive distortion sections, each with 16 different clipping circuitries. Able to go from flattering tube & analogue-tape style saturation to fat guitar-like overdrive and fuzz, from dense distortions up to full grit of digital madness. All circuitries are optimized for musical interactivity with the various filter types. Massive set of over 40 FleXor V2 filter types with more than 1,600 filtering circuitry combinations and freely configurable signal routing chain. 

Grainmiller (in Arbeit)
Granular-Effekte in Echtzeit

Extraordinary and cutting edge real-time Granular effects: audio signals can be "frozen" in time, beats re-grooved, pitch shifted to the extremes, and music can be scratched & scrambled in time. All parameters are midi controllable with zero latency operation. Built-in Sample Player loads AKAI samples and standard windows Wave files for straightforward and effortless Granular experience with an adjustable loop ending point for on-the-fly length manipulation. Two modulator sections which have extensive modulation sources, all optimized to be use in conjunction with the unique functionality of the selected granular engine. All relevant modulation sources can be synced to the internal or external midi clock. Provides astonishing sounds which are not recommended for the faint hearted; be warned! 



Tom Keane

T o m   K e a n e

Songwriter, Producer, President of Del-Fi Music Group: "I use SCOPE to run all the incredible synths that are available for the platform for many years now..." read more