Sonic Core

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S O N I C  C O R E   D S P   P L U G - I N S

T H E   E X T R A   S O U N D

SONIC CORE has also a solid experience in plug-in development.Check out the sound demos of our plug-ins and listen to the unbelievable possibilities "the world of sound" can offer to you.


High End Vintage Compressor

included in SCOPE v5.1 software!

Vinco is a high-end compressor / limiter with the sound of analog studio classics. Developed with the utmost care and precision, love of detail, and the best measurement instruments, Vinco emulates with absolute true-to-life accuracy the most popular, highest-quality, analog compressors. Its outstandingly warm sound sets a new standard for software plug-ins. 
Vinco is also like an analog device in that its operation is fast and at the same time simple. Only where the sound would not be impaired have we extended it with contemporary features. Such features include a precision LED peak meter, adjustable soft-clip algorithm, and a sidechain input.