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William Goldstein

About SCOPE Software:

"I love the unlimited routing capabilities of the SCOPE Software, whether live recording or mixing out of my computer to outboard analog gear and back into the computer. Whatever you can imagine you can patch through the SCOPE Mixer and routing modules. Working 64 bit SCOPE is awesome!"

William Goldstein is composer, producer, musician and director of California State Summer School of the Arts.


At the age of nine, his prodigious talents brought him to Columbia University; in 1975 he was discovered by Berry Gordy who brought Mr. Goldstein to LA under contract to Motown, as a recording artist/composer and producer. At the same time, interestingly enough, Mr. Goldstein was finishing a commission for a Bicentennial work, Celebration Overture 1776-1976, which was performed by the National Symphony Orchestra in May of 1976.

Since then he has scored over 50 film and TV projects (including Fame, The Miracle Worker, Twilight Zone & Shocker), written Op-Ed's for the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. He is a founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, a director of the California State Summer School for the Arts, and serves on both the music branch executive committee, and foreign language committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He has also been a "visiting artist" for the Academy, lecturing from the Far East to the Middle East on contemporary aesthetics as well as music in film. He was asked to deliver the Academy Foundation's First Seminar on Film Scoring.

In addition to scoring assignments with such film makers as John Avildsen, John Badham, Rob Cohen, Guber/Peters, Wes Craven and Frank Perry; William Goldstein’s career has simultaneously included such multifarious activities as a recording artist / composer / producer for such diverse labels as the previously mentioned Motown and CBS Masterworks. His concert scores have been performed from Carnegie Hall to Symphony Hall, Boston. He has gained a reputation as a unique keyboard improviser, spontaneously improvising complete scores, in real time, to films that he is seeing for the first time in concert.



A l f o n s o   D' A m o r a

Composer & Sound Designer: "SCOPE Modular, since 1999 in its first outcome, is what changed completely my approach to sound. Before that 'encounter' I was a guitar player with a passive fruition ..." read more