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S C O P E   D S P   P l u g - i n s

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Digital Audio Soft is situated in France and is committed to developing high quality plug ins for  SCOPE DSP Platform.
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Situated in Vienna, rooted in music, visual arts and technique, G.O.S.T. wants to broaden options for artists. An innovative Team is developing inspiring new plug ins.


64 Band Linear Phase Equalizer

A convolution between digitalaudisoft and G.O.S.T.


ConvolveQ is a host based 64 band linear phase EQ. It offers 4 displays to analyze the frequency spectrum and control it. The ConvolveQ allows damping of single frequency bands up to 64 dB.

  • Create any filter response you like with a drawing tool
  • Tweak with the individual faders per band to perfection
  • Analyze the results on the fly.

System requirements:
User Guide ConvolveQ

Check out free demo version: Click here
or via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ConvolveQ SCOPE DSP Plug-in

298,- EUR incl. 19 % Tax
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Jeroen J. Vermeulen
J e r o e n   V e r m e u l e n

Jeroren J. Vermeulen is indepentent music composer and producer: "Music is one of the great wonders. Everybody loves it and it’s connecting people all over the world. My music covers different styles and fusions of it. I love using XITE-1 It is a brilliant system with lots of possibilities and a good sound. It connects everything in my studio world."