Sonic Core

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S C O P E  D S P  P L U G - I N S 


Besides the countless plug-ins that are included in the SCOPE software there are many other useful plug-ins from Sonic Core and different third party manufacturers.

Recording, Mixing and Mastering
Use your SCOPE system for recording, mixing, and mastering - just like a flexible powerful digital mixer with latency-free (!) real-time DSP plug-ins and other quality features. You can control the overall setup and/or hard-disk recording simply from your familiar audio/MIDI sequencer with all its extra functionality. Dedicated mastering plug-ins provide for a powerful transparent sound. 

Synthesizer and Sampler
The SCOPE PLATFORM offers you an amazing variety of synthesizers ranging from basic to highly complex modular systems based on a multitude of synthesis methods including analog, FM, physical modelling, wavetable and graintable synthesis etc. Our optional latest-generation synthesizers including the Minimax, the B2003, and the Prodyssey, produce perfect emulations of the originals. The synthesizers as well as the flexible samplers of the SONIC SCOPE PLATFORM have virtually no latency, thus providing perfect timing. Try and play the SONIC CORE plug-ins - they feel like solid hardware!


3rd Party DSP Plug-Ins

The SCOPE PLATFORM allows 3rd party developers to develop their own plug-ins. Numerous high-quality plug-ins from third-party manufacturers are available for the SCOPE PLATFORM.



H a n s   Z i m m e r

Hans Zimmer is one of Hollywood's most successful and influential composers:
"SCOPE XITE-1 is a truly great sounding system. The sonic quality is first rate, the versatility is unmatched to this day. The modular synth, in conjunction with the mixers and fx, beats most of the hardware out there."