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How to activate XTC or VST-IM mode (example)

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- VISTA/Windows XTC/VSTIM: You have to launch the sequencer as Administrator

1. During Scope installation choose Steinberg/VSTPlugins path or your active VST-path.

2. Start Scope and activate XTC in the "Settings". Deactivate "Startup Project".

3. Start your sequencer and choose Scope ASIO driver.

4. Close the sequencer and than Scope.

5. Start the sequencer. After a while all plugins are loaded, on after another. If the key dialog appears, than close it. If the process is interrupted, you let it run twice by activating the plugins in your sequencer again.

6. After installation you will find a folder named SCOPE (XITE or PCI) inside your VST-Plugin-Folder.

7. Very important plugin is the Multi FX, because you can load any other Scope effect independent from the XTC installation. Also if you use more than one Scope effect in one channel
it´s the most effective way to do it.

8. The master out of the sequencer needs to be selected first time.
Open the driver configuration of the sequencer and click on "Settings".
Activate the ins and outs you need from the hardware and select
in "Direct Play Mixer Out" the active output of the master bus.

9. Now you need to select the busses for your recording in and your master out. Take care of your speakers and check the loudness of the master out before playing your song.

Tip: Missing VST.dll files can be generated from the existing dll files.
There are only three types, synth-dll, mono-effect-dll and stereo-effect-dll.
You can simply copy the dll of MasterVerb and rename it to Optimaster,
than restart your sequencer.

Also you can load those effects in the MulitFX modules, which are always good, if you need more than one Scope effect in the signal chain.



Tom Keane

T o m   K e a n e

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