Sonic Core

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T H E   S C O P E   D S P - H A R D W A R E

D S P - P O W E R   F O R   P C   A N D   N O T E B O O K

Depending on the amount of power you need for your application, you can choose from:


XITE-1    external 19" device with 38 in- and outputs and 18 Sharc DSPs

XITE-1 D  external 19" device with 36 in- and outputs and 10 Sharc DSPs


All SCOPE DSP-Systems include the comprehensive SCOPE v5.1 - Software package, with a unique multitude of Plug-Ins.

There are even more Plug-Ins available from Sonic Core as well as many third party devices.



Tom Keane

T o m   K e a n e

Songwriter, Producer, President of Del-Fi Music Group: "I use SCOPE to run all the incredible synths that are available for the platform for many years now..." read more