Sonic Core

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T H E   S C O P E   D S P - H A R D W A R E

D S P - P O W E R   F O R   P C   A N D   N O T E B O O K

Depending on the amount of power you need for your application, you can choose from:


XITE-1    external 19" device with 38 in- and outputs and 18 Sharc DSPs

XITE-1 D  external 19" device with 36 in- and outputs and 10 Sharc DSPs


All SCOPE DSP-Systems include the comprehensive SCOPE v5.1 - Software package, with a unique multitude of Plug-Ins.

There are even more Plug-Ins available from Sonic Core as well as many third party devices.



H a n s   Z i m m e r

Hans Zimmer is one of Hollywood's most successful and influential composers:
"SCOPE XITE-1 is a truly great sounding system. The sonic quality is first rate, the versatility is unmatched to this day. The modular synth, in conjunction with the mixers and fx, beats most of the hardware out there."