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S C O P E   X I T E

D S P   P O W E R   F O R   P C   A N D   N O T E B O O K



The XITE is the great DSP based Audio Interface by Sonic Core.

The XITE combines your choice in high-resolution computation SCOPE plug-ins, the applied audio signals, as well as the routing of all external devices and/or internal software applications on the XITE's powerful DSPs.

The sophisticated architecture of software and hardware makes it possible to configure the system with the same flexibilty as hardware. This allows you to decide what XITE means to you:

  • a mixer for recording, mixing & mastering
  • an instrument to play
  • an effects rack that feels and acts like good old hardware
  • or all possibilities at once!

SCOPE you load all the plug-ins you need for you application and interconnect plugins, sequencers, applications and i/o to your liking. This is how you set up your personal virtual studio, which is even portable through the optional laptop Express Card connection. At the same time the consistent low-latency technology allows you a pleasant, quasi-analog workflow..

With SCOPE XITE you have your complete studio in one box and ...

alt the most powerful
DSP-Interface in the world alt

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